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Milah van Zuilen
Random composition with Fagus, Acer and Prunus, 2021
Český les, Milíře, 40x50, 2021, dried leaves on cardboard

Milah van Zuilen is an artist who really inspires us with works in which nature is the focal point. This is hardly surprising, given Milah is an artist and training to be a forest ecologist. She wants to bring the fields of art and ecology closer together, which fits in perfectly with Kasteel Wijlre’s mission. We are also incredibly proud that she won the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2021 in July.

Milah’s work probes the contradiction between nature’s complexity and the human need to understand and shape landscapes.

For Random composition with Fagus, Acer and Prunus, she collected leaves in the Bohemian forests of the Czech Republic, where Milah has been working throughout this summer.

The artist donated this work.