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Joris Vanpoucke
Mountains, 2021</strong
Paint on canvas, 40 x 30 cm

This work by Joris Vanpoucke brings everything to a standstill. It feels strange and uncanny. Vanpoucke has made a series of landscapes depicting a stormy world. Nature is a metaphor for life’s appearance and eradication and the search for the darkness of being. This evolution and search for identity is contrasted with the urgency and transience of the earthly and takes place at the boundaries of existence. As you can see, we like artists with a profound relationship with the earthly; the world in which we may dwell during our existence. And Vanpoucke does this like no other.

Vanpoucke takes inspiration from his daily walks around his studio in Antwerp, which he prefers to make at sunrise or sunset because of the exceptional light. During these moments, he reflects on his existential thoughts and doubts: questions about a meaningful life or making the right choices. It is precisely these questions that define his paintings. We believe the works refer to something overarching and complex, something so comprehensive that it transcends notions of beauty.

We discovered Vanpoucke’s work at Galerie Gerhard Hofland during the first lockdown in 2020. We were immediately enchanted and are incredibly pleased that this handsome work is in the auction for Kasteel Wijlre estate.

The artist donated this work.