Kasteel Wijlre
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Chaim van Luit
One plus One equals Three, 2020
circa 7 x 40 cm

Chaim van Luit’s work combines archaeology and art. While strolling through forests and cities, Van Luit collects unusual materials, such as salt, stone or spent fireworks. He uses these finds as inspiration for his sculptures, photos and videos. At first glance, the simple, reduced forms are especially striking. On closer inspection, the sculptures often appear to bear traces of a particular history, such as signpost markings applied by visitors in the Limburg marl caves or scars on the skin. Van Luit meticulously documents his expeditions for secret entrances, hidden cave systems or objects. His fieldwork often constitutes the work of art.

In 2020, Kasteel Wijlre estate presented a solo exhibition by Van Luit. In this exhibition, he interwove his work directly or indirectly with memories, stories and objects of Jo Eyck, Kasteel Wijlre’s founder.

The artist and Tegenboschvanvreden gallery donated this work