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Oscar Lourens
Grey Measurements for Wijlre, 2021
Primer on plastic, wooden side tabel
88 x 70 x 70 cm

Oscar Lourens’ work is as meticulous as it is adventurous. In his artworks, Lourens tries to fathom the world through consistent and systematic measurement. With the precision of a scientist, he dissects architectural reality into measurable units. He documents and orders reality, reducing it to a manageable scale. Spaces are reduced to scale models, and scale models are enlarged to actual sizes.

Like a true collector, Lourens accumulates various measuring instruments, such as measuring beakers and rulers. The beakers are all unique and made of different materials such as glass and plastic. He paints the objects with grey primer, stripping them of their measuring function. As such, the objects only refer to measurement. Lourens current solo exhibition at the Coach House of Kasteel Wijlre estate elaborates upon his fascination for dimensions, volume, scale, shape, colour and space.

The artist donated this work.