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P. Struycken
CONW28 TGCOL1, June ’90
Screenprint on paper, polyvinylated, 100 x 100 cm


P. Struycken is a pioneer of digital art. Since 1968, he has been using the computer in the design process of his work. Struycken began exploring colour early in his artistic career. He is fascinated by the complexity of colour in the everyday world visible to everyone. His practice is devoted to studying colour’s boundless variety and coherence, and he views it without preconceived values.

The work P. Struycken submitted for the benefit auction was executed and published by Steendrukkerij Amsterdam. It features sheets of paper screenprinted in monochrome according to a colour palette Struycken carefully composed. Squares of approximately 5 x 5 cm were then cut from the sheets. They were mounted on a grid of 20 x 20 cm with some space between them on a substrate of plastic and then laminated. The edition consists of 26 unique copies, and each sheet has its own configuration.

In 2019 Struycken exhibited a 3D painting as a transformation of the Hedge House art pavilion, accompanied by a retrospective in the Coach House of Kasteel Wijlre estate.

andriesse eyck gallery and the artist donated this work