Kasteel Wijlre
Present Future
Klaas Kloosterboer – Act between sliding doors
01.03.2020 — 01.11.2020
Hedge House

Kasteel Wijlre opens on 1 March 2020 with a solo exhibition by artist Klaas Kloosterboer (1959) in the Hedge House art pavilion. The exhibition surveys thirty years of his practice.

Kloosterboer is a painter whose wide-ranging work consistently bridges the gap between abstraction and action. By questioning the elements of painting and its display, he confronts the viewer with the painting process. Rather than illustrating thoughts, his work is often an act in and of itself. As such, Kloosterboer’s work is always rooted in an action. He might determine a place on the canvas through cutting, sewing and throwing paint. Sometimes you see a suspended life-size, hand-sewn linen costume; a series of painted boxes; or even a video depicting the view through a car’s rear window as it pulls two giant balls down a road. Kloosterboer’s work is dynamic, idiosyncratic and lucid.

Chaim van Luit & Jo Eyck – Conversations #2
05.03.2020 — 28.06.2020
Coach House

In this second edition of the Conversations long-term programme, Kasteel Wijlre estate presents a solo exhibition by artist Chaim van Luit (1985, Heerlen). This exhibition focuses on a dialogue between Chaim van Luit and Jo Eyck (1929, Heerlen), art collector and founder of the country estate.