Kasteel Wijlre
P. Struycken – Colour: Profusion and Variability
10.03.2019 — 10.11.2019
Castle, Hedge House, Coach House, Garden, Salon

Kasteel Wijlre estate presents a 3D painting that covers the interior of Hedge House art pavilion and a solo exhibition by artist Peter Struycken (The Hague, 1939) in the Coach House.

On the occasion of the eightieth birthday of visual artist Peter Struycken, Kasteel Wijlre estate presents the unique project P. Struycken - Colour: Profusion and Variability.

The project shows a 3D integrated colour work as a transformation of the Hedge House. At the same time, a retrospective exhibition of Struyckens dynamic colour spaces can be seen in the Coach House.

P. Struycken (The Hague, 1939) is a pioneer of digital art. He has been using the computer since 1968 in the design process of his work. Struycken researches colour from his early artistry. Fascinated by the complexity of colour in the everyday world, which is visible to everyone, he views it without preconceived value and dedicates himself in his artworks to studying its boundless variety, coherence and changeability.
From his first experiments with a computer-controlled colour television, the concept of colour space in the work of Struycken plays a key role. These colour spaces also form the starting point for the transition of the Hedge House and the retrospective exhibition.


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