Kasteel Wijlre
Spirit of Kindergarten
10.03.2021 — 07.11.2021
Hedge House, Garden

Kasteel Wijlre estate presents – as soon as the gates are allowed to open again- the international group exhibition Spirit of Kindergarten about the relationship between the ideas of the German educationalist Friedrich Fröbel (1782–1852) and contemporary art and architecture. In a playful way, the exhibition connects the work of contemporary artists Francis Alÿs, Belèn Uriel, Michel François, Otto Berchem, Eva Rothschild, David Renggli, Irma Cohen, Yonatan Vinitsky and Erwin Wurm with prominent representatives of Minimalism such as Ad Dekkers, Bob Bonies and Donald Judd and the architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Herman Hertzberger.

10.03.2021 — 07.11.2021
Coach House
Kasteel Wijlre estate presents– as soon as the gates are allowed to open again- a solo exhibition of Oscar Lourens (1973). ‘GREY MATTERS’ shows Lourens’s fascination for collections which focus on scale, form, color, and space.

Future Past