Kasteel Wijlre
Tim Eitel: Resident
08.03.2018 — 10.06.2018
Hedge House

Kasteel Wijlre estate presents the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by visual artist Tim Eitel (1971, Leonberg (DE)). Over the past fifteen years, Tim Eitel has given a new impetus to painting in the contemporary art world.

je marche, j’ouvre une porte, je ferme une porte
08.03.2018 — 10.06.2018
Coach House

‘What is the brain, if not an immense and natural palimpsest? Such a palimpsest is my brain; such a palimpsest, oh reader! is yours. Everlasting layers of ideas, images, feelings, have fallen upon your brain softly as light.’

The visitor is invited to enter Kasteel Wijlre’s 18th-century Coach House for an exhibition exploring this idea of Charles Baudelaire. On both floors, the interlinked spaces include works by ten international artists. The works share a complex character, discreetly transcending their disciplines while conveying distinctive narratives.

With: Eylem Aladogan, Katinka Bock, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Aurélien Froment, Navid Nuur, Takashi Tawashima, Roman Ondák, Dominique Petitgand, Francisco Tropa, Clemens von Wedemeyer

Future Past