The estate

Kasteel Wijlre is an estate for contemporary art and nature. The estate combines contemporary art and architecture with cultural heritage and nature and intertwines five centuries; the seventeenth-century castle, the eighteenth-century Coach House, the nineteenth-century design of the castle gardens, the permanent works in the twentieth-century park, and the Hedge House art pavilion and its program of contemporary art in the twenty-first century.

Buitenplaats Kasteel Wijlre organises exhibitions, research projects, public programs and educational activities in the Hedge House, the Coach House and the garden. The connection between art and nature is an important theme within the program, with which the estate seeks to explore current questions around landscape, ecology and climate. The imagination of the visual arts plays a crucial role in this: how can art help us to imagine the world differently?

Kasteel Wijlre estate is located in the hills of Zuid-Limburg. It plays an active role in the cultural infrastructure of the so-called Euregio, and initiates and maintains artistic and other collaborations with cultural institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (and beyond). In its relatively short existence, it has developed into an important destination for those interested in international contemporary art enthusiasts, and nature & garden admirers alike.

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