Elspeth Diederix – Angelica fields
13.03.2024 — 25.08.2024
Hedge House

Elspeth Diederix presents a monumental installation with new work, based on photographic research into the nature surrounding Kasteel Wijlre estate.

Lou-Lou van Staaveren – Tuun 13.03.2024 — 25.08.2024
Coach House

In the recent work of Lou-Lou van Staaveren (NL, 1990), who, like Elspeth Diederix, is mainly active as a photographer and has a preference for gardens and gardening, the artist searches for parallels between photography and gardening as a way to  get a grasp on the world around us. Her recent work focuses on the cultivation of garden design in the so-called topiary, a sculptural approach to plant pruning that became popular during the Baroque period, which also occurs at Kasteel Wijlre estate and is connected to historical-ideological understandings of the relationship between man and nature. Part of Van Staaveren's exhibition Tuun is a presentation of Pleasant Place, an internationally acclaimed magazine about art and gardening, founded and edited by Van Staaveren, Guus Kaandorp and Floor Kortman.

With thanks to: Cultuurfonds

Gert Robijns – Re___gio Line 18
13.03.2024 — 25.08.2024
Coach House

Presentation of recent work by Gert Robijns around his Reset Mobile-project: an artistic survey of 'landscape' and the way we relate to our direct surroundings.