Spark Birds & the Loneliness of Species
14.05.2023 — 03.12.2023
Hedge House

From 17 May - 3 December 2023, the new exhibition Spark Birds & the Loneliness of Species will be on view at the Hedge House. In Spark Birds & the Loneliness of Species we look through the lens of artists at how birds can teach us something about who we are.

Daniel Godínez Nivón – Windbloom 14.05.2023 — 27.08.2023
Coach House

The exhibition Windbloom by Daniel Godínez Nivón (MX, 1985) in the Coach House focuses on real and fictional flowers, plants and birds. Do birds sing in their sleep? Can we restore our connection with nature while dreaming, and imagine a new world? Daniel Godínez Nivón s artistic practice is driven by his interest in alternative, indigenous forms of knowledge production and collective forms of participation, and is inspired by his commitment to ecological themes. In recent years, Godínez Nivón has mainly focused on dreams as a site for knowledge production.

During the past year at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, Godínez Nivón continued his research into collectivity and dreams as an instrument for speculative knowledge production. The exhibition Windbloom, which takes place in the Koetshuis and the outdoor area of the country estate, presents a number of projects that are the result of Godínez Nivón's method of working, which is firmly rooted in collective exchange. His fascination with dreams, and the possibility of dreams serving as a place for meeting, connection and knowledge production, is the basis of most of his works. For a new suite of works for the exhibition, the artist has taken the special flora and fauna of Kasteel Wijlre estate as a starting point.

Windbloom is on view from May 17 to August 27, 2023.

Within the context of Windbloom, a book launch will take place at Kasteel Wijlre estate on May 28 at 3 pm, presenting the publication The Minga of Birds at Dawn, made by Gódinez Nivón in collaboration with Kasteel Wijlre estate, artists' initiative Manifold Books and research platform Good Neighbour in Amsterdam. During this event, Xander Karskens (Kasteel Wijlre estate) and Maartje Fliervoet (Manifold Books) will talk to the artist about his ideas and work process. Subsequently, the bird walk 'In Search of the Marsh Warbler' will take place around the estate, led by ecologist Peter Alblas (CNME Maastricht). This event is free with a regular admission ticket for Kasteel Wijlre estate, which can be ordered online here.

Martin Brandsma
06.09.2023 — 03.12.2023
Coach House

From 6 September - 3 December 2023, an exhibition with work by Martin Brandsma (NL, 1972) will be on view in the Coach House. (More info to follow)

Winter closure
04.12.2023 — 05.03.2024
Castle, Hedge House, Coach House, Garden, Salon

Due to the annual winter closure, Kasteel Wijlre estate will be closed from 4 December, 2023 until 5 March, 2024.