Kasteel Wijlre
Trouble wandering (to eternity)
21.09.2022 — 08.01.2023
Hedge House

After the floods of July 2021 that inundated the estate and severely damaged the Hedge House, the renovated art pavilion reopens with the exhibition Trouble wandering (to eternity), curated by our new director Xander Karskens.

The exhibition runs from 21 September 2022 to 8 January 2023.

Tour ‘Looking together = seeing more’
04.12.2022 — 12:00-13:00
Hedge House
Sunday, 4 December, our education officer Manon Berns will take you on an alternative trip through the exhibition "Trouble wandering (to eternity) in the guided tour 'Looking together = seeing more'. Here you are invited to look closely and to investigate and to discuss what you see with each other. 'Looking together = seeing more' is suitable for young and old, including families. You don't need to know anything about art, everyone can watch and every observation is valuable! Please note: the tour is in Dutch.
Please email m.berns@kasteelwijre.nl if you want to participate. With a valid entrance ticket, participation is free!

Aether – Giuseppe Licari
13.07.2022 — 08.01.2023
Coach House

Kasteel Wijlre estate presents this summer an exhibition of visual artist Giuseppe Licari (1980, Italy)

Kasteel Wijlre estate tapestries – Nathalie Brans 21.09.2022 — 08.01.2023

In the summer of 2020, Nathalie Brans (1968, Maastricht) hung cans in various places in the garden of Kasteel Wijlre estate. These cans were transformed into 'pinhole cameras' by means of one or more tiny pinholes. Inside the cans was a sheet of photographic paper. The cans were sealed light-tight, so that the hole acts as a lens and the surroundings are projected onto the photo paper.

The project has produced many interesting images. Images in which, as it were, the environment has been captured in an abstracted way. All cameras have now been removed and Nathalie Brans has processed and scanned the images into digital files. Subsequently, prints were made of a number of images and tapestries (two so far). The tapestries have been woven in TextielMuseum Tilburg and can be viewed in Kamer Eyck of the Koetshuis. Print in risoprint, signed by Brans, is available in limited edition for € 50 at the welcome desk in the Hedge House.

Tour ‘Trouble wandering (to eternity)’
08.01.2023 — 12:00-13:00
Hedge House

Sunday 8 January at 12:00 director and curator of the exhibition Xander Karskens will give a guided tour through 'Trouble wandering (to eternity)'.
The guided tour lasts approx. 45 minutes and is free with a valid admission ticket for the exhibition.

Mail info@kasteelwijlre.nl if you want to participate.

Winter closure
09.01.2023 — 14.03.2023
Castle, Hedge House, Coach House, Garden, Salon

Due to the annual winter closure, Kasteel Wijlre estate will be closed from 9 January to 14 March 2023.

We are happy to welcome you again from Wednesday 15 March!

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